Around good people is a social enterprise,an organizer of medical electives placement and volunteering in Nepal. We have been working at a grassroots level for oral health care delivery to the thousands of underprivileged people of remote area of mountain community. Because of this successful dedication in the medical fields we have collaborated with different medical institutions, hospitals, and have stepped towards creating a platform for medical elective placements and volunteering programs.

“From better to best” as  our catchphrase Around Good People, after conducting 20+ dental outreach diversely since 2014, is confident towards medical electives program and volunteering program ensuring exclusive volunteering experience with the inclining essence of adventure and guaranteed safety.

Around Good People is a non-profit and Grassroots Oral Healthcare Advocacy Activists, bringing a unique community-led bespoke oral health care delivery outreaches in the remote unserviced communities of mountainous rural Nepal, in collaboration with international dental/oral health professionals and students. This unique students led self-sustaining initiative has been bringing about oral health care delivery, servicing thousands of people, at no charge, throughout the mountain communities of Nepal for past three years. The overall experience for the volunteering students and the empowered communities has been spectacularly successful and distinctive.

AGP brings together supervising dentists and staff trained in Nepal with international dental volunteers who come to share in 10 days/2 week programmes that provide essential treatment to those who need it most. The outreach provides access into the beautifully rich culture of the Nepali people and a chance to explore the outdoors and breathtaking Himalayas. Facilitating free dental treatment for the local people is key, whilst also ensuring that our volunteers have every opportunity to make the most of what Nepal has to offer!
In every community in which we work, we have long-standing relationships with local organizations who communicate real-time needs and objectives to the Around Good People Team. Since early 2014, we’ve made the (dental placements) volunteer abroad experience of a lifetime possible for hundreds of International Dentistry/Oral Health Care student/professional adventurers just like you and with our passionate ground staff and social activists working for oral health care in the remote mountain villages of Nepal, you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with the full experience—a safe, immersive, and impacting dentistry experience/adventure of a lifetime.

Nepal boasts the divine influence of mountain spirit. Irrespective of its small area you will be astonished at the diversified geography and its leading effect in the culture and tradition. So many dialects are spoken here with so many intriguing rituals referencing the religion and nature. One of the best travel destination recommended by lonely planet (a link on Nepal from lonely planet?), you will be hooked by its charm until the end of your stay.Apart from all its nature blessed scenario and culture, it is a developing country with inefficient system in many sectors including health services especially in ruler areas. Many people are deprived of basic pursuit of happiness owing to the lack of education of more than 40 percentage of population residing here.

Nepal is also highly known for its friendliness. No face will reject your smile in Nepal.  Your experience with Nepal and Nepalese will be worth your time as it has so many magically piercing definitions of beauty to offer.