Our vision is to be able to provide preventive oral health care education and basic public dental care services directly (or indirectly) to the most underprivileged and marginalized communities in the mountain villages of Nepal in a sustainable way. We are acting to have long-term measures in place that will ensure that the negative cycle of limited oral health care education in these villages is broken. Oral health promotion and information is just as important as the restorative and surgical intervention we provide. We are endeavoring to facilitate the training of two women in each village that is visited, in the areas of oral hygiene and education. With our training partners, these women may continue to uphold the legacy and imprint that you will leave on the community into the long term.

We impact the lives of the participating international volunteers and the patients they treat in the villages immensely. We aim to be the most trusted grassroots level activists working in the field of oral health care delivery in Nepal; collaborating with partner dentistry schools/students/practitioners from all over the world.